Our Shetland Pony Mares

We have 9 mares at present. Scroll down for all mares we have owned, some who are now at lovely new homes.


Born 2020

Sire: Gaterley Creme de la Creme
Dam: Dilston Foxglove

A little mini me of her dam, Foxglove. Violet is a very sweet, friendly girl who ran with a stallion in 2023.

North-Wells Scotch Rose (Rosie) NOW IN NORTH YORKSHIRE

Born 1998

Sire: Doonies Rab
Dam: North-Wells Rosee

A total sweetheart with a beautiful head and kind eyes which she has passed down to her foals, as well as beautiful markings. Mum of Evie who we retained. Having retired from breeding, Rosie has gone to be a companion in North Yorkshire. We weren’t looking to part with her but a lovely home came along.

Kettlesnout Evening Rose (Evie)

Born 2009

Sire: Dilston Piper
Dam: North-Wells Scotch Rose

A very pretty mare and super friendly, she will race down the field when she sees you! Seen here with her 2018 filly, Isla Rose.

Kettlesnout Lady Chantilly (tilly)

Born 2009

Sire: Merriville Prince Charming
Dam: Balmedie Lizzie

Tilly, a beautiful mahogany bay with white socks and a white flash. Very correct and straight. Tilly has a super temperament due to being well handled from a young age.

Dilston Foxglove (foxy)

Born 2003

Sire: Park View Daniel
Dam: Brandon Arielle

Definitely a character!  Had some wonderful foals and is a great mum. Cindy, Silvie, Snowy and Violet who we retained are out of Foxy.

Charlottes Moonlight (lottie)

Born 2004

Sire: Blazefield Mighty Mouse
Dam: Meadow Fox Moonlight Lady

A well marked piebald and beautiful mover. Lottie has great bloodlines, her dam being the highest priced mare at Reading sale when sold.  All her foals have an abundance of character and are super friendly. Lottie has an amazing temperament, beautiful inside and out.

kettlesnout silver fox (silvie)

Born 2011

Sire: Merriville Prince Charming
Dam: Balmedie Lizzie

Silvie carries the cream gene and is a lovely natured mare. Great granddaughter of Ron of North Wells. Silvie is a daughter of Foxglove. Another mare with a superb temperament and wealth of mane.

Kettlesnout cinderella (cindy)

Born 2007

Sire: Redcedar Firefly Bobby
Dam: Dilston Foxglove

An absolutely amazing pony, you couldn’t wish for a better temperament – laid back and our best friend. Cindy was our first foal at Kettlesnout.

Dilston Golden sundaymouse(sunny)

Born 2001

Sire: Cwmhen Dormouse 
Dam: Park View Dora

Our first shetland, a treasure and beautiful girl. Sadly had a bad first foaling and has not foaled since. Always best friends with Foxy.

Balmedie Lizzie (liz) - NOW IN WALES

Born 2003

Sire: Kerswell Macho
Dam: Helawi Shamrock Lady

Always first to canter across the field to us, Lizzie is such a people pony. She has great bloodlines, mum of Tilly.

Valentine Sukia (suki)

Born 2000

Sire: Valentine Marcus
Dam: Romany Kristal

A good natured, very stocky, little mare who is an amazing mum and will often babysit the year’s foals for the other mares. Tragically, Suki lost an eye in a field accident but she’s completely independent and has coped amazingly, initially with Emma’s help.

kettlesnout snowdrop (snowy)

Born 2017

Sire: Corley Oak Easter Bobby Dazzler
Dam: Dilston Foxglove

Snowy had her first foal in 2021.  She has a wealth of mane and a super pretty head. Pictured with her 2023 foal Sweet Pea. A great favourite with the Last Tango in Halifax film crew – nicknamed blue eyes by them!

Merriville Emma jANE (em)
(now in austria)

Born 2005

Sire: Waterpitts Elegant Lord
Dam:  Merriville Emma Jane

A lovely mare we bought as a foal. Now lives in Austria at a fantastic home with Bettina and family. Photo taken in Austria by Verena, we get super photo updates which we love to see.

(now in austria)

Born 2003

Sire: South Sands Oscar
Dam:  Meadowdown Princess Belinda

A lovely, sweet mare who also now lives in Austria with Bettina and family. Photo taken again in Austria by Verena. 

Poppy had some wonderful sweet, super friendly foals with us.

Dilston Mayflower (little may)
(now in austria)

Born 2004

Sire: Park View Daniel
Dam:  Dilston Silver Sand

Another lovely, sweet mare who also now lives in Austria at a super home with Michaela at Fairymount Stud. She didn’t have any foals with us but has had amazing foals for Michaela. 

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